What You Need to Know

“The response and recovery from COVID-19 will be the largest relief assistance program in American history by far and will take a whole-of-America partnership, every step of the way.” – www.fema.gov/



Your state, local, or tribal government* can now apply for faster funding to aid in “Emergency Work” related to the damages accessed by COVID-19. These expedited projects have been created to fund applicants earlier in the Public Assistance lifecycle, much earlier than standard projects.

FEMA is requesting that applicants provide a detailed list of activities that these funds will be used for; is your organization prepared to capture the necessary data to avoid being hit with unsupported costs?

We can help with:

  • Vendor Management & Contracts
  • Labor Tracking
  • Equipment
  • And scoping material costs

Our team of consultants at GovTrain Solutions are the experts in FEMA funding. We save our clients dollars by helping them maximize their expedited funding. Through capacity building, data, reporting, project management, and more we can help you access your FEMA funding today!

*we also assist with houses of faith, agricultural resources, places of education, and healthcare organizations.

Our team of experts can assist in uncovering available grant programs!

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