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We are GovTrain Solutions

We help local, state, and federal government leaders access grant funding for operational, safety, and critical infrastructure needs. Our government services team has over 20 years of experience in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery with outcomes that are designed to have maximum impact. We are committed to becoming your trusted partner on the road to restoration. Our services range from advisory, consulting, and outsourcing. Our primary focus is helping government agencies (federal, state, private non-profit, tribal entities) navigate available grant programs. We accomplish this through prioritization of tasks, professional execution, and system building. We help you identify and execute on your competitive differentiators while maximizing every minute you spend on developing your ideas for your agency or organization.


Mitigation Planning

Disaster Response

Nationwide Recovery & Project Management

Education & Managed Services


Government Sector

Emergency Services Sector

Chemical Sector

Communication Sector

Hospital and Public Health Sector

Waste Water Sector

Nuclear Sector

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Transportation Systems Sector

Our Services

We offer cost recovery servicesfor hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning (CEMP)

GTS provides planning services for the preparation of all emergency functions that will allow you to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.

  • Damage Assessments

    GTS provides services that prioritize improving operations through emergency logistics and supply chain enhancements.

  • Logistics Management

    GTS expertsise will analyze at the disaster and will estimate the cost of repairing things like buildings, infrastructure, transportation systems and more.

  • Finance and Administration

    GTS will help you navigate the many obstacles to gaining financial stability.

  • FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Program Management

    GTS will assist, guide and advise our clients every step of the way toward receiving the most benefit from supplemental grants

  • Scope of Work Development

    GTS will be there to make sure all assessments that are necessary to repair damages or replace the facility have been considered and identified.

  • HSEEP Certified Training and Exercise Services

    GTS provides training on the Homeland Security Exercise and Education Program (HSEEP) to address each client’s jurisdiction and an organization’s specific needs.

  • Emergency Operations Center Training

    GTS commitment includes organizing, equipping, training, exercising, and evaluating/improving to ensure our clients and their organizations are prepared for any adverse event.

  • FEMA Appeals

    When there is conflict in the documentation submitted to FEMA Public Assistance Program, GTS will be there to support its client if a claim is appealed or goes to arbitration.

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